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2.3.  jnlp

The jnlp task generates a Java Webstart xml file. In general the task is very easy.

The reason we wrote jnlp is to have a smart integration within Ant. Regularly you have to enter every jar/native library required by you application into the jnlp file. Using the jnlp task you can delegate this task to Ant using FileSet's.

In general the jnlp task is exactly the same like JNLP File Format with 2 differences


Name Description Required
codebase The URI describing the download location. yes

The encoding to use for the output xml file. If undefined it is set to UTF-8.

New feature since version 1.2.


application being launched, as well as the version of the JNLP file itself.

The according Java Webstart specification of the file. This attribute defaults to 1.0+ if not set.

version The codebase attribute of the jnlp element specifies the codebase for the application. This is also used as the base URL for all relative URLs in href attributes. yes
toFile the file to write the resulting jnlp file yes

jnlp task contains many nested elements reflecting the structure of JNLP File Format